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  1. 18:28 - Fort Erie, 1m 110y
  2. 18:30 - Newcastle, 7f 14y
  3. 18:39 - Finger Lakes, 1m 70y
  4. 18:40 - Mahoning Valley, 6f
  5. 18:45 - Toulouse, 1m 1f 207y
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  1. 18:00 - Newcastle, 1m 5y
  2. 18:00 - Fort Erie, 5f 110y
  3. 17:45 - Toulouse, 1m 2f 205y
  4. 17:45 - Mahoning Valley, 5f 110y
  5. 17:25 - Newcastle, 1m 2f 42y
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  2. 13:20 - 2m 4f 100y (6 ran)
  3. 13:55 - 2m (9 ran)
  4. 14:30 - 2m 4f 110y (4 ran)
  5. 15:05 - 3m 70y (8 ran)
  6. 15:40 - 3m 20y (3 ran)
  7. 16:15 - 2m 3f 110y (7 ran)
  8. 16:50 - 2m 3f 110y (7 ran)
  9. 17:20 - 2m (11 ran)
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  2. 13:40 - 7f (12 ran)
  3. 14:15 - 6f (10 ran)
  4. 14:50 - 6f (6 ran)
  5. 15:25 - 7f (10 ran)
  6. 16:00 - 1m 53y (6 ran)
  7. 16:35 - 5f (7 ran)
  8. 17:10 - 1m 3f 179y (18 ran)
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  2. 16:55 - 1m 4f 98y (9 ran)
  3. 17:25 - 1m 2f 42y (13 ran)
  4. 18:00 - 1m 5y (6 ran)
  5. 18:30 - 7f 14y (14 run)
  6. 19:00 - 5f (11 run)
  7. 19:30 - 1m 5y (11 run)
  8. 20:00 - 7f 14y (12 run)
  9. 20:30 - 7f 14y (12 run)
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  2. 13:00 - 5f 217y (15 ran)
  3. 13:30 - 5f 217y (19 ran)
  4. 14:05 - 7f 219y (8 ran)
  5. 14:40 - 1m 1f (9 ran)
  6. 15:15 - 1m 2f 1y (13 ran)
  7. 15:50 - 7f (8 ran)
  8. 16:25 - 5f 217y (10 ran)
  9. 17:00 - 5f 217y (12 ran)
Galway (IRE)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. 13:35 - 1m 73y (7 ran)
  3. 14:10 - 1m 73y (17 ran)
  4. 14:45 - 7f (6 ran)
  5. 15:20 - 7f (10 ran)
  6. 15:55 - 7f (16 ran)
  7. 16:30 - 1m 3f 180y (13 ran)
  8. 17:05 - 1m 3f 180y (17 ran)
  9. 17:35 - 1m 3f 180y (18 ran)
Wexford (IRE)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. 13:10 - 2m 100y (13 ran)
  3. 13:45 - 2m 100y (10 ran)
  4. 14:20 - 2m 100y (12 ran)
  5. 14:55 - 2m 4f (12 ran)
  6. 15:30 - 2m 7f (4 ran)
  7. 16:05 - 2m (13 ran)
  8. 16:40 - 2m 100y (9 ran)
Marseille-borely (France)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. 12:50 - 1m 2f 96y (16 ran)
  3. 13:25 - 7f 209y (6 ran)
  4. 14:00 - 1m 208y (7 ran)
  5. 14:35 - 7f 209y (7 ran)
  6. 15:10 - 1m 208y (6 ran)
  7. 15:45 - 7f 209y (13 ran)
  8. 16:20 - 1m 2f 96y (10 ran)
  9. 16:55 - 1m 2f 96y (11 ran)
Strasbourg (France)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. 10:50 - 1m 5f 202y (13 ran)
  3. 11:20 - 1m 5f 202y (14 ran)
  4. 11:50 - 1m 5f 202y (10 ran)
  5. 12:25 - 1m 5f 202y (11 ran)
  6. 13:07 - 1m 5f 202y (14 ran)
  7. 13:42 - 1m 5f 202y (13 ran)
  8. 14:17 - 1m 5f 202y (18 ran)
  9. 14:52 - 1m 5f 202y (13 ran)
Toulouse (France)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. 15:27 - 7f 209y (13 ran)
  3. 16:02 - 7f 209y (9 ran)
  4. 16:37 - 7f 209y (7 ran)
  5. 17:10 - 1m 3f 204y (8 ran)
  6. 17:45 - 1m 2f 205y (7 ran)
  7. 18:15 - 1m 1f 207y (9 ran)
  8. 18:45 - 1m 1f 207y (10 run)
  9. 19:15 - 1m 6f 200y (8 run)
Vaal (RSA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. 12:05 - 7f 210y (9 ran)
  3. 12:40 - 7f 210y (11 ran)
  4. 13:15 - 1m 1f 208y (7 ran)
  5. 13:50 - 1m 1f 208y (12 ran)
  6. 14:25 - 7f 101y (7 ran)
  7. 15:00 - Abandoned
  8. 15:35 - Abandoned
  9. 16:10 - Abandoned
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Finger Lakes (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (18:10) - 1m 70y (7 ran)
  3. R2 (18:39) - 1m 70y (7 run)
  4. R3 (19:08) - 1m 70y (6 run)
  5. R4 (19:37) - 6f (5 run)
  6. R5 (20:06) - 6f (6 run)
  7. R6 (20:35) - 6f (9 run)
  8. R7 (21:04) - 6f (5 run)
  9. R8 (21:33) - 6f (8 run)
  10. R9 (22:02) - 1m 70y (7 run)
  11. R10 (22:31) - 1m 70y (10 run)
Fort Erie (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (18:00) - 5f 110y (5 ran)
  3. R2 (18:28) - 1m 110y (6 run)
  4. R3 (18:56) - 6f (7 run)
  5. R4 (19:24) - 6f (8 run)
  6. R5 (19:52) - 5f 110y (7 run)
  7. R6 (20:20) - 5f 110y (6 run)
  8. R7 (20:48) - 6f (7 run)
  9. R8 (21:16) - 6f 110y (6 run)
  10. R9 (21:44) - 6f 110y (7 run)
  11. R10 (22:12) - 5f (8 run)
Mahoning Valley (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (17:45) - 5f 110y (10 ran)
  3. R2 (18:12) - 6f (7 ran)
  4. R3 (18:40) - 6f (7 run)
  5. R4 (19:09) - 1m (7 run)
  6. R5 (19:36) - 6f (7 run)
  7. R6 (20:04) - 6f (10 run)
  8. R7 (20:33) - 6f (11 run)
  9. R8 (21:02) - 6f (12 run)
Mountaineer (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (00:00) - 1m (8 run)
  3. R2 (00:25) - 5f (9 run)
  4. R3 (00:50) - 5f (6 run)
  5. R4 (01:15) - 5f 110y (7 run)
  6. R5 (01:40) - 5f (7 run)
  7. R6 (02:05) - 4f 110y (7 run)
  8. R7 (02:30) - 1m 70y (8 run)
  9. R8 (02:55) - 6f (10 run)
Yonkers Harness (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (00:15) - 1m (8 run)
  3. R2 (00:35) - 1m (8 run)
  4. R3 (00:55) - 1m (8 run)
  5. R4 (01:15) - 1m (8 run)
  6. R5 (01:35) - 1m (8 run)
  7. R6 (01:55) - 1m (8 run)
  8. R7 (02:15) - 1m (8 run)
  9. R8 (02:35) - 1m (8 run)
  10. R9 (02:55) - 1m (8 run)
  11. R10 (03:15) - 1m (8 run)
  12. R11 (03:35) - 1m (8 run)
  13. R12 (03:55) - 1m (8 run)
Zia Park (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (19:30) - 3f 210y (7 run)
  3. R2 (19:57) - 1f 80y (10 run)
  4. R3 (20:24) - 1f 180y (10 run)
  5. R4 (20:51) - 1f 180y (9 run)
  6. R5 (21:18) - 5f 110y (7 run)
  7. R6 (21:45) - 5f (7 run)
  8. R7 (22:12) - 6f 110y (7 run)
  9. R8 (22:39) - 6f 110y (7 run)
  10. R9 (23:06) - 6f (6 run)
  11. R10 (23:33) - 1m (8 run)
  12. R11 (00:00) - 1m (10 run)

Sam Thomas Stable Tour
12 Mar 2021

They say that nice things come to good people if there is any truth in that saying then it certainly applies to Sam Thomas who has seen his training career take a mighty leap forward this season.

Thomas joined forces with owner Dai Walters in 2018 and, although hardly an overnight success, the early steps taken are now bearing fruit with his 20 winners this term and £128,678 notched with an incredible current strike rate of 27% at his Lisvane yard outside of Cardiff.

Sam said: "We have some really nice horses with some top-notch pedigrees, and they have been brought along patiently and give all the time in the world.

"We are starting to reap the benefits of that patience and long may it continue. We are 110% committed to this venture and just living and breathing horses. There are no distractions down here."

Listed bumper victories for Good Risk At All at Cheltenham in November and Newbury in February spell out an even brighter future and there is Skytastic, winner of both of his bumpers, to put on any list of potential future stars.

Thomas, a Gold Cup winner on Denman and Betfair Chase winner on Kauto Star, also has some established sorts like William Henry and Paddys Motorbike plus the very much untapped Slip Road under his care and all and all success should continue to blossom.

Sam kindly spoke to Tony Elves of about his exciting team of horses.

Older Horses
William Henry
King's Theatre
11 b g King's Theatre - Cincuenta
Winner of eight of his 18 starts and currently rated 157 over hurdles and 151 over fences. Made a winning debut for the stable in a beginners chase at Hereford (3m 1f) in November when beating Diomede Des Mottes four and three quarter lengths.
I am extremely lucky to train such a high-class horse and he went and won his beginners’ chase nicely at Hereford. He jumped a little right obviously, but we thought it was the perfect track for him with a running rail right down the inner and he could potentially go to Aintree maybe back over hurdles.
Not A Role Model
Mille Et Une Nuits
9 b g Helissio - Mille Et Une Nuits
Winner of five of his 18 starts and currently rated 128 over hurdles and fences. Returned to winning form with a two and a quarter length defeat of Buster Thomas in a handicap chase at Wincanton (2m 4f) in November off a mark of 124 and followed up with a three and a quarter length success from Shantung in a handicap hurdle at Fakenham (2m 4f) in January off a mark of 124.
He is a cracking little horse and is not overbig but been a lovely horse for the yard and has won twice this season for us. He was a little disappointing last weekend at Newbury but probably didn't quite get his way up front in a competitive race but plugged on to finish sixth. We will freshen him up and make a plan from there, but Aintree could be a target. He doesn't owe us anything this season and is just a little star.
Paddys Motorbike
Saffa Garden
Fast Company
9 ch g Fast Company - Saffa Garden
Winner of six of his 34 starts and currently rated 130 over hurdles. Off the mark in a maiden hurdle at Uttoxeter (2m 4f) in November when beating Frenchy Du Large 12 lengths and followed up in a novice event at Huntingdon (2m 3 1/2f) in December when scoring by two and a half lengths from Ballymillsy.
He is getting on a bit and is nine-year-old and had his issues, but we have been able to keep him in one piece. He just loves his racing and is so enthusiastic and has a great way of racing. He has won a maiden and a novice and we tried our luck in a Grade 3 at Ascot and he ran with credit in ground that was probably far too soft for him. We are minding him now and he could go to Aintree with him. We are looking forward to going novice chasing with him - he is a very enthusiastic and exuberant jumper and might just take a bit of catching in a couple of little novice chase at the start of the season.
Royal Magic
Room To Room Magic
Whitmore's Conn
9 b g Whitmore's Conn - Room To Room Magic
Winner of three of his 16 starts and currently rated 110 over fences. Gained his last success in a handicap chase at Newton Abbot (3m 2f) in September when beating Jack Snipe two and a quarter lengths off a mark of 105.
He has been a great horse for the Luke Harvey Racing Club and it took a while for the trainer to work out what trip he wanted. When he did work that out he went and one over three miles and two but unfortunately is another who picked up a little niggle."
Before Midnight
Lady Samantha
Midnight Legend
8 ch g Midnight Legend - Lady Samantha
Winner of four of his 16 starts and currently rated 129 over fences. Returned winning form in a jumpers’ bumper at Kempton in February when beating Le Ligerien three quarters of a length.
He is a very wel- bred horse and there are not many Midnight Legend's left so it's nice to have a horse by him. He is very versatile and jumps fantastic and he was knocking on the door over fences. It was great to get his head in front in one of those Jumpers bumpers last month where he showed a great turn of foot. I think we might target the Queen Alexandra Stakes at Royal Ascot as he's won three bumpers and been beaten half a length in another. He's suited by a flat track and we may consider going to Aintree with him.
Killala Bay
Passing Glance
8 b g Passing Glance - Killala Bay
Winner of one of his 6 starts and currently rated 73 over hurdles. Having his first run in 832 days when seventh, beaten 17 lengths, to Longshanks in a novices’ hurdle at Wincanton (1m 7 1/2f) in February.
He runs at Hereford on Saturday and he won a bumper for us when we were back training in Lambourn. He picked up an injury and had two years off, but he ran a pleasing race at Wincanton on his return and I expect him to come on enormously for that. I would be nice to see him run a nice race for his enormously patient owner.
Lyricist's Dream
Flying Legend
8 b g Flying Legend - Lyricist's Dream
Winner of three of his 13 starts and currently rated 132 over fences and 128 over hurdles. Finished runner-up, beaten five and a half lengths, to Regarding Ruth in a handicap hurdle at Newbury (3m) last week off a mark of 127.
The trainer was a bit ambitious at the start of the season and ran him in a four miler at Kelso and it took ages to get him back. Thankfully, we got him back at Newbury last Friday in a 0-135 handicap hurdle and he ran a blinder to finish second. He has come out of the race bouncing and really enjoyed himself and provided the ground is on our side for the next few weeks I would like to get him out again over hurdles. I have always thought he could be a Welsh National horse one day and he loves the mud.
Powerstown Park
Smiths Lady
8 b g Craigsteel - Smiths Lady
Winner of one of his 10 starts and currently rated 90 over hurdles. Off the mark in a novices' handicap hurdle at Exeter (2m 1f) on Tuesday when beating Kapitaliste ten lengths off a mark of 90.
He won at Exeter on Tuesday and I'm absolutely thrilled for his owners who have been extremely patient. Unfortunately, he picked up an injury two years on the trot and they have had to wait for him. He did it very nicely and hopefully the handicapper won't overreact. He is in again on Monday and he could go again provided the ground is safe. If he stays sound, he could be one to keep on the right side.
Grey Diamond
Diamond Of Diana
Gris De Gris
7 b g Gris De Gris - Diamond Of Diana
Winner of four of his 16 starts and currently rated 126 over fences. Has run well in all his starts for the stable and finished runner-up, beaten nine lengths, to Belargus in a handicap chase at Sandown (1m 7 1/2f) latest in February off his current mark, before winning at Sandown on Friday.
He is a lovely fine big horse but wants to do everything in a bit of a rush. It has taken us a little while to get him the way we want him to race. We have to go and deliver with him, but he ran a nice race first time up for us at Newbury, at Sandown last time and then won at Sandown on Friday in quite a competitive race. He gives us the impression he wants to go further than two miles.
Kala Noire
Lady Taipan
7 b g Kalanisi - Lady Taipan
No wins from 6 starts and currently rated 112 over hurdles. Finished third, beaten 17 1/2 lengths, to Another Theatre in a handicap hurdle at Sedgefield (2m 4f) on Sunday off his current mark.
He put in some nice runs at the start of the season in competitive enough races and we fancied him at Sedgefield last Sunday and he didn't quite fire. We will step him up to three miles. He's bred to stay and hopefully he can win next time. All he seems to do is keep galloping so three miles on decent ground can bring out the best in him.
Galileo Silver
6 gr g Galileo - Famous
Winner of three of his 13 starts and currently rated 122 over hurdles and 119 over fences. Gained his last success in a jumpers’ bumper at Lingfield in February when beating Jarlath a length.
He has been very consistent apart from when we ran him over fences, and he hasn't been out of the first three really and is a smasher. He is such a laid-back character and only does what he has to do. He has had plenty of runs this season and I'm not sure where we will go for the rest of the season and it might be that we get him out early next season and go novice handicap chasing with him. He is still a young horse so hopefully there is more to come from him."
Mario De Pail
Blue Bresil
6 gr g Blue Bresil - Sauveterre
Winner of three of his 9 starts and currently rated 137 over hurdles. Added to his score when beating Miah Grace half a length in a handicap hurdle at Wetherby (2m 3 1/2f) in November off a mark of 133.
He just came back a little bit sore after his last run at Wincanton on Boxing Day and I wouldn't think he was quite 100 per cent that day. He won the time before at Wetherby and I think he is a horse that still has plenty more to offer. He is quite highly rated and is going to find it hard wherever he goes but I am looking forward to novice chasing with him next season. I think he is going to be a much better chaser than a hurdler. We are just trying to get him back up together and see where we go from there
Slip Road
6 gr g Shantou - Agladora
Winner of one of his 3 stars. Made a successful hurdling debut at Chepstow (2m 3 1/2f) in December when scoring by nine and a half lengths from Take Your Time.
He is probably like a bottomless pit in terms of ability, and he is one that we simply don't know how good he is, and he could be out of the top drawer. Unfortunately, he picked up a small injury after his last run which means he is going to be out for the rest of the season, but he is a very exciting prospect.
No Risk At All
5 b g No Risk At All - Brava
Winner of two of his 4 starts and currently rated 125 over hurdles. Won a maiden hurdle at Plumpton (2m) in January by two and a half lengths from Star Academy and was having his first run since when runner-up, beaten two and three quarter lengths, to Quinta Do Mar in a novices’ hurdle at Ludlow (2m) last week.
He is a lovely No Risk At All horse and he won his bumper first time out at Hereford in October and then I ran him back too quick at Sedgefield in a similar event in November and he was a bit flat that day. He won over hurdles at Plumpton and was placed at Ludlow under a penalty. He has a mark of 125 and we might try and sneak one more run in a novice before we put him away and he then goes handicap hurdling next season. He is a lovely horse, and he will grow a bit over the summer. He is a bonny horse and one to keep on the right side - he loves his work.
Good Risk At All
Sissi Land
No Risk At All
5 ch g No Risk At All - Sissi Land
Winner of two of his 3 bumpers. Scored by a length and a half from Grandeur D'Ame in a listed contest at Cheltenham in November and followed up with a two and a quarter length victory from I Like To Move It in a listed event at Newbury in February.
He is a classy individual and we have loved him since we broke him in as a two-year-old. He's an exciting prospect and is a dual listed bumper winner and Mr Walters and myself had the conversation before his last run in a listed bumper at Newbury that we would put him away afterwards win, lose or draw. He is a nice ride and quiet at home, but he is just a youngster and if you gave him too much racing early in his career. We were absolutely thrilled with him at Newbury, and he carried the penalty and did it impressively and there is plenty more to come from him. He has done loads of schooling and schooled away since he came back from Newbury and we are just winding him down quietly. We will look to get him back again in the autumn and find a nice little maiden hurdle for him and hopefully give him a nice introduction before hopefully end up at Cheltenham this time next year.
Jazz King
5 gr g Kapgarde - Jaragua
Promise in two bumpers most recently finishing runner-up, beaten two and three quarter lengths, to Swincombe Fleat at Fontwell in January.
We have always thought highly of this horse ever since we broke him in, and he put in a good performance first time out in what turned out to be a competitive bumper at Hereford. He went to Fontwell where he was beaten by a mare who got the allowance, and he may not see the course again this season. He still has load of growing to do and has to fill his frame, but I hold him in high regard.
Way Of Light
5 b g Way Of Light - Verzasca
Winner of both of his bumpers scoring by a length and a quarter from Orbys Legend at Newbury in November and following up with a length and a quarter success from Conceroe at Doncaster last month.
He could be anything in terms of ability. We pitched him in at Newbury first time out and he won a nice bumper there. The form worked out well and the first six home have all won since. He ran again at Doncaster a couple of week ago under a penalty and did what he had to do and was idling out in front. He is not a bumper horse to be honest and is more a stayer and has done well to win two bumpers this year. We will put him away and he will be very exciting next season going novice hurdling. All these babies have been well schooled and it would be second nature to him. We will run him over two miles two to two miles four next season and he will be a different horse with a lead. He had to make the running in his bumpers, but he will do it so much easier with a lead."
Could well be placed to win another novices’ hurdle before the end of the season.
Good Risk At All
Looks a superstar in the making and worth following over a cliff.
Grey Diamond
Won at Sandown on Friday for his in-form team.
Powerstown Park
Could easily defy a penalty at Plumpton on Monday.
Has won his two bumpers but still doesn't look the finished article and can win plenty of races.
William Henry
Could return to action over hurdles at Aintree and can go well when fresh.
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