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  1. 21:02 - Gulfstream, 7f
  2. 21:04 - Woodbine, 6f
  3. 21:10 - Hawthorne, 5f 110y
  4. 21:12 - Keeneland, 1m 4f
  5. 21:15 - Golden Gate Fields, 1m
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  1. 20:40 - Keeneland, 1m 110y
  2. 20:32 - Woodbine, 1m 110y
  3. 20:30 - Gulfstream, 1m 110y
  4. 20:15 - Belmont Park, 1m 110y
  5. 20:08 - Keeneland, 5f 110y
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  2. 13:50 - 3m 149y (14 ran)
  3. 14:25 - 3m 210y (7 ran)
  4. 15:00 - 2m 3f 200y (8 ran)
  5. 15:35 - 2m 4f (12 ran)
  6. 16:10 - 2m 4f (7 ran)
  7. 16:45 - 3m 210y (7 ran)
  8. 17:20 - 2m 209y (18 ran)
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  2. 13:00 - 1m 7f 50y (7 ran)
  3. 13:35 - 2m 4f 35y (5 ran)
  4. 14:10 - 2m 5f 82y (4 ran)
  5. 14:45 - 3m 2f 162y (6 ran)
  6. 15:20 - 2m 5f 82y (11 ran)
  7. 15:55 - 1m 7f 50y (8 ran)
  8. 16:30 - 1m 7f 50y (7 ran)
Galway (IRE)
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  2. 13:10 - 2m 11y (10 ran)
  3. 13:42 - 2m 6f 111y (11 ran)
  4. 14:17 - 2m 6f 111y (8 ran)
  5. 14:52 - 2m 6f 111y (13 ran)
  6. 15:27 - 2m 4f 156y (4 ran)
  7. 16:02 - 2m 5f 100y (13 ran)
  8. 16:37 - 2m 11y (8 ran)
  9. 17:10 - 2m 11y (13 ran)
Wexford (IRE)
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  2. 13:25 - 2m 4f 150y (13 ran)
  3. 14:00 - 2m 4f 150y (7 ran)
  4. 14:35 - 2m (14 ran)
  5. 15:10 - 2m 4f 150y (14 ran)
  6. 15:45 - 2m 4f (6 ran)
  7. 16:20 - 2m 4f (11 ran)
  8. 16:55 - 2m (11 ran)
Busan (South Korea)
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  2. 04:10 - 4f 214y (10 ran)
  3. 05:30 - 7f 210y (11 ran)
  4. 06:25 - 5f 212y (11 ran)
  5. 07:25 - 6f 211y (12 ran)
  6. 08:30 - 1m 209y (10 ran)
  7. 09:30 - 7f 210y (12 ran)
Enghien (France)
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  2. 15:07 - 1m 2f 151y (11 ran)
  3. 15:42 - 1m 2f 151y (13 ran)
  4. 16:17 - 1m 2f 151y (9 ran)
  5. 16:52 - 1m 2f 151y (11 ran)
  6. 17:25 - 1m 6f 64y (16 ran)
  7. 17:55 - 1m 3f 40y (14 ran)
  8. 18:25 - 1m 2f 151y (15 ran)
  9. 18:55 - 1m 2f 151y (12 ran)
Greyville (RSA)
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  2. 11:40 - 6f 211y (12 ran)
  3. 12:15 - 6f 211y (11 ran)
  4. 12:50 - 5f 212y (7 ran)
  5. 13:25 - 5f 212y (7 ran)
  6. 14:00 - 4f 214y (7 ran)
  7. 14:35 - 1m 209y (10 ran)
  8. 15:10 - 1m 99y (12 ran)
  9. 15:45 - 7f 210y (12 ran)
ParisLongchamp (France)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. 12:23 - 1m 1f 43y (7 ran)
  3. 12:58 - 1m 1f 43y (6 ran)
  4. 13:33 - 1m 2f 205y (10 ran)
  5. 14:15 - 1m 2f 205y (16 ran)
  6. 14:50 - 1m 7f 90y (12 ran)
  7. 15:25 - 6f 211y (11 ran)
  8. 16:00 - 1m 2f 205y (10 ran)
  9. 16:35 - 7f 209y (14 ran)
  10. 17:10 - 7f 209y (13 ran)
Salon-De-Provence (France)
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  2. 10:35 - 1m 3f 40y (16 ran)
  3. 11:05 - 1m 3f 40y (12 ran)
  4. 11:35 - 1m 3f 40y (14 ran)
  5. 12:05 - 1m 3f 40y (9 ran)
  6. 12:40 - 1m 6f 200y (18 ran)
  7. 13:15 - 1m 6f 200y (10 ran)
  8. 13:50 - 1m 3f 40y (11 ran)
  9. 14:32 - 1m 3f 40y (13 ran)
Seoul (South Korea)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. 02:45 - 4f 214y (12 ran)
  3. 03:10 - 5f 212y (12 ran)
  4. 03:40 - 5f 212y (12 ran)
  5. 04:50 - 6f 211y (12 ran)
  6. 06:00 - 6f 211y (12 ran)
  7. 06:55 - 5f 212y (12 ran)
  8. 07:55 - 5f 212y (12 ran)
  9. 09:00 - 1m 1f 208y (15 ran)
  10. 10:00 - 1m 209y (12 ran)
Sha Tin (Hong Kong)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. 06:00 - 5f (14 ran)
  3. 06:30 - 6f (12 ran)
  4. 07:00 - 7f (14 ran)
  5. 07:30 - 7f (14 ran)
  6. 08:00 - 1m (14 ran)
  7. 08:35 - 1m (12 ran)
  8. 09:05 - 7f (14 ran)
  9. 09:35 - 6f (12 ran)
  10. 10:10 - 6f (12 ran)
  11. 10:45 - 7f (13 ran)
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Belmont Park (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (17:35) - 1m 110y (8 ran)
  3. R2 (18:09) - 6f 110y (6 ran)
  4. R3 (18:41) - 7f (9 ran)
  5. R4 (19:13) - 1m 110y (5 ran)
  6. R5 (19:43) - 1m 110y (9 ran)
  7. R6 (20:15) - 1m 110y (12 ran)
  8. R7 (20:47) - 6f (7 ran)
  9. R8 (21:21) - 1m 110y (9 run)
  10. R9 (21:52) - 1m 4f (5 run)
  11. R10 (22:23) - 6f (11 run)
Golden Gate Fields (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (21:15) - 1m (6 run)
  3. R2 (21:45) - 1m (6 run)
  4. R3 (22:20) - 1m (4 run)
  5. R4 (22:51) - 5f 110y (7 run)
  6. R5 (23:21) - 5f (8 run)
  7. R6 (23:52) - 1m 110y (7 run)
  8. R7 (00:25) - 5f 110y (9 run)
  9. R8 (00:55) - 1m 110y (6 run)
  10. R9 (01:27) - 5f 110y (7 run)
Gulfstream (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (17:50) - 1m 1f (6 ran)
  3. R2 (18:22) - 6f (5 ran)
  4. R3 (18:53) - 1m 110y (6 ran)
  5. R4 (19:28) - 6f (7 ran)
  6. R5 (19:59) - 5f 110y (12 ran)
  7. R6 (20:30) - 1m 110y (6 ran)
  8. R7 (21:02) - 7f (6 run)
  9. R8 (21:34) - 1m 70y (9 run)
  10. R9 (22:06) - 1m (8 run)
Hawthorne (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (21:10) - 5f 110y (7 run)
  3. R2 (21:38) - 5f 110y (8 run)
  4. R3 (22:06) - 1m (7 run)
  5. R4 (22:34) - 6f (7 run)
  6. R5 (23:02) - 1m 110y (6 run)
  7. R6 (23:30) - 6f (7 run)
  8. R7 (23:58) - 6f (9 run)
  9. R8 (00:26) - 1m 110y (7 run)
Keeneland (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (18:00) - 6f (5 ran)
  3. R2 (18:32) - 5f 110y (11 ran)
  4. R3 (19:04) - 6f (10 ran)
  5. R4 (19:36) - 6f (8 ran)
  6. R5 (20:08) - 5f 110y (7 ran)
  7. R6 (20:40) - 1m 110y (6 ran)
  8. R7 (21:12) - 1m 4f (10 run)
  9. R8 (21:44) - 1m 110y (6 run)
  10. R9 (22:16) - 1m (12 run)
Mountaineer (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (00:00) - 6f (7 run)
  3. R2 (00:25) - 1m (7 run)
  4. R3 (00:50) - 5f 110y (6 run)
  5. R4 (01:15) - 5f (8 run)
  6. R5 (01:40) - 1m 110y (8 run)
  7. R6 (02:05) - 6f (8 run)
  8. R7 (02:30) - 5f 110y (6 run)
  9. R8 (02:55) - 6f (9 run)
Santa Anita (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (21:00) - 6f (7 ran)
  3. R2 (21:30) - 6f (6 run)
  4. R3 (22:01) - 1m (5 run)
  5. R4 (22:35) - 6f (8 run)
  6. R5 (23:06) - 6f (6 run)
  7. R6 (23:37) - 6f (7 run)
  8. R7 (00:08) - 1m (6 run)
  9. R8 (00:40) - 6f (5 run)
  10. R9 (01:12) - 6f (11 run)
Woodbine (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (17:55) - 1m 110y (7 ran)
  3. R2 (18:26) - 5f 110y (9 ran)
  4. R3 (18:57) - 5f 110y (8 ran)
  5. R4 (19:27) - 1m (13 ran)
  6. R5 (20:02) - 7f (12 ran)
  7. R6 (20:32) - 1m 110y (7 ran)
  8. R7 (21:04) - 6f (9 run)
  9. R8 (21:37) - 6f 110y (9 run)
  10. R9 (22:09) - 5f (8 run)
  11. R10 (22:44) - 7f (13 run)

Francis-Henri Graffard Stable Tour
21 May 2020

Francis-Henri Graffard is currently enjoying a strike rate of over 40% and says that for some of his horses, lockdown was the best thing that could have happened to them, as it gave them that extra bit of time to develop.

While his classic winner Channel has been retired to stud, he is enjoying the next generation of three-year-olds and is also looking forward to seeing stable star The Revenant, who was the runner-up in the Group 1 Queen Elizabeth II Stakes at Ascot at the end of last year, return to action later in the season.

“When we came out of lockdown the amended programme didn’t suit The Revenant and I didn’t want to run him on fast ground,” says Graffard.

“We know he is going to be a good horse this autumn, so we decided to give him a break. And we did well, as the first Group at Chantilly was run on very fast ground, which is not his cup of tea. We will see him from August on though.”

The former graduate of the Godolphin Flying Start programme, who started training in Chantilly in 2011, has a lot to look forward to, as he received some exciting two-year-olds from HH Aga Khan and from Prince Khalid Abdullah for the first time in his career.

At the moment, he is still keeping lid on them but there are plenty of other horses to follow, many of them he is hoping to bring to Royal Ascot, Government rules permitting.

Here, Francis-Henri Graffard gives Liz Price of the lowdown on his team.

Older Horses
6 bay c Dubawi - Plumania
Group 1 performer who recently joined the Graffard stable. Was the runner-up in the Group 3 Prix Bertrand du Breuil at Chantilly on his seasonal reappearance.
He only ran twice last year. Last week was the first time out for me. He is not difficult to train, but he is an older horse and it took me a while over the winter to understand him and to get him into top condition. But I was pleased with the way he ran and he has come out of the race well. He will run in the Prix du Muguet or the Queen Anne Stakes. I will keep my eyes open for opportunities.
Silver Quartz
5 gre g Frankel - Rosamixa
Was trained last year by Archie Watson. Has already won twice in five starts for Graffard and recently finished fourth in a very competitive Group 3 Prix Bertrand du Breuil Longines.
He is a lovely horse. He has done well over the winter. He was in top form but I didn’t have another race for him apart from the Group 3 the other day. He nearly managed to get placed, he only just missed out by a short head for third place. He is a top-class horse and he can be stepped up in trip. He can run from a mile up to ten furlongs. He likes fast ground. He has a listed race at the beginning of June over the mile, but I will also look at the Royal Hunt Cup or something like that at Royal Ascot, if we can go. He wants good ground.
True Romance
George Vancouver
5 bay g George Vancouver - Hallen
Very lightly raced, he recorded three victories in the winter over 6 ½ f to 7 furlongs on the all-weather.
He is having a break at the moment with The Revenant. He is a very nice horse and will win a big handicap. He is very competitive.
Les Vertus
4 gre f Shakespearean - Loshad
Won a big handicap at the end of the season over the mile. Very consistent.
She is running next week, on the 28th of May. I have to qualify her again for the handicaps. Her main goal is a nine-furlong handicap for fillies only, which I think is two weeks later. So she is just going to have a nice easy run there, but she will be competitive in the nine-furlong handicap. She can win another big handicap for fillies.
4 bay f Siyouni - Monava
Won a Group 3 race on her second start this season and then finished third in the Group 2 Prix d’Harcourt over 1 ¼ m, beating Prix du Jockey Club winner Sottsass into fourth.
She has really pleased us this year. She surprised us, but she is a Group 3 winner, Group 2 placed. She proved she is competitive in this category. She will have plenty of entries, from the Prix Corrida to the Prix Ganay and obviously I will have a close look at the English programme as soon as we get it. I think ten furlongs is her limit and hence the Corrida and Ganay, which are over ten and half furlongs are not ideal. I wouldn’t mind dropping her back in trip. Last year she was a very difficult filly. She had blinkers on, she ran fifth in a listed race at La Teste and we thought she was over the top and so gave her a long break. Over the winter, I don’t know what happened, but she is much stronger now.
T'as D'beaux Yeux
4 b g Showcasing - T'as D'beaux Yeux
Ultra consistent miler.
He is running at Vichy on 22nd of May. He’s won big handicaps, but his handicap marks are high now, so the season is going to be hard with him. He can be competitive in big handicaps, I love him, but the programme will be difficult.
Think Of Me
So You Think
4 bay f So You Think - Tosia
She won a Class 2 on her seasonal reappearance at Fontainebleau and then scored at Listed level at Deauville on Thursday. Was the runner-up in a listed and in a Group 3 race last year. Lightly raced.
She is big staying filly. She is one paced. She will have a good season in staying races this season, especially in soft ground. She is a good filly.
4 che f Toronado - Lamorlaye
Won three of her five starts last season and produced a very encouraging performance on her seasonal reappearance in a listed at ParisLongchamp on the 11th of May, where she was just beaten by Spinning Memories.
She is a lovely filly. She had a long spell over the winter and so we were delighted with her first start this season. She has come on very well. She can stay seven furlongs to a mile. She is a filly we will see in England at Ascot, if it is possible. I will make the most of the fact that she has already had a run and hopefully she can come to Ascot. She will win a Stakes race this year. I think there is a seven-furlong race at Goodwood too.
Watch Me
Olympic Glory
4 bay f Olympic Glory - Watchful
Coronation Stakes winner last year, she finished her year with a third place in the Prix de l’Opera on Arc day.
She is cantering at the moment and ready to do a bit more. I’m very pleased with her condition, she is a filly we will see end of June or July. She will be entered in all the Group races for fillies, like the Rothschild, the Jean Romanet, the Opera. She won’t be ready for Ascot.
Three Year Olds
American Apples
Apple Kimbi
American Post
3 gre f American Post - Apple Kimbi
Has run four times already this year after making her debut at Cagnes-sur-Mer in January. Won her maiden on her second start and was last seen finishing second to Raabihah in the Listed Prix de la Seine
She is a lovely filly. She needs to be stepped up in trip. She ran really well in the listed race the other day, she was caught for speed but ran on very strongly at the end. She was beaten by a good filly on the day. She will be entered in the Prix Royaumont, which is run over 1 ½ m. I think it’s on the 15th of June. She will win a Group race over 12 furlongs. She is nice.
Bois D'argent
Madonna Lily
3 gre c Toronado - Madonna Lily
Won his maiden on his first start at Chantilly in May.
I like him very much. He was very immature, mentally and physically. So lockdown was good for him. It gave me a bit of time to get him ready. I’m obviously delighted with his first run, because he had to learn a lot in one run, which he did. And I think he showed a bit of class to do what he did to win against horses that had run already. Delighted he confirmed in the afternoon what we saw in the morning. He is a stakes horse in the making. I will give him another start in a conditions race though first. Should he win easily, he could run in the Prix du Jockey Club. I will do with him what I did with Channel last year. She won a conditions race before the Diane. He has a conditions race in the middle of June.
Exotic Rose
Soldier hollow
3 bay f Soldier hollow - Exotic Rose
Improving filly, who was the runner-up in the Group 3 Prix Vanteaux on her return to the racecourse after lockdown.
I received her over the winter. She is a lovely filly. She won for us first time out in very soft ground. I think she is very competitive in soft ground. The last time she worked, I made a mistake, as she was a bit flat and Pierre-Charles (Boudot) said to me that he wasn’t confident she could follow the pace of the Prix de la Grotte on fast ground at ParisLongchamp. So we decided to step her up in trip for the Prix Vanteaux. But basically I found out that she had been in season on the day she worked and she didn’t stay in the Vanteaux. So she will be dropped back in trip and will be ready to run in the French Guineas, but if the ground is rock hard, we might have to find something else. I’m very pleased with her condition. So she might have a tilt in the French Guineas, for a place obviously. She will win a Group race this year though.
Dark Angel
3 gre g Dark Angel - Transhumance
Won a 1 ¼ m handicap at Vichy on his first start this season.
Bizarrely the handicapper was gentle with him, so he was supposed to win last Sunday, which he did. He got 4 kilos penalty, but I think he will be fine, and he will be running in a big handicap on the 31st of May over ten and a half furlongs. I think he can be a stakes horse later on. He will stay 1 ½ m.
Lope De Vega
3 che c Lope De Vega - Adja
Hasn’t run yet this year. Won his maiden on his third and final start last year at Lyon.
He is a nice horse, but he was not working well earlier this year. I was very disappointed and so we gelded him. I think that will make a big difference. And this horse has a very good handicap mark and so he should win a big handicap. I think he likes good ground and will stay ten furlongs, if not longer. And he can be a Stakes horse.
In Swoop
3 bay c Adlerflug - Iota
Won on his debut in May over 11 furlongs at Lyon.
It’s nice to have some horses from Gestüt Schlenderhan. In Swoop is a very late maturing mile and a half type. I was not surprised he won first time out. He is a Stakes horse in the making over 1 ½ m. He will probably run in the Prix le Havre, a listed race. I expect the best will come in the autumn. He is definitely a horse that can stay.
Moon A Lisa
Sea The Moon
3 bay f Sea The Moon - Mahamuni
Made a winning debut in Germany last year and was beaten a head in a listed at Toulouse this month.
It was very disappointing that she got beat in the Listed at Toulouse. I expected her to win. Basically, she needed to learn. She was a bit too keen in the early part of the race, so we gave her an educational run. She is going to run in a listed race, and she will improve. I don’t know how good she could be. She will run in a 9-furlong Listed race for fillies in the middle of June.
Sea Watch
3 bay f Siyouni - Zynah
No impression last year but has won two races on the all-weather at the beginning of the season.
She won two races in the winter. She had a chip, which was removed during lockdown. If all goes well, she could get some black type, small black type. She did well over the winter and lockdown came at the right time because we didn’t lose any time, as she had her chip removed. She will be back in the summer.
Charm Spirit
3 bay f Charm Spirit - Totem
Extremely consistent, she has been the bridesmaid on four of her last five starts.
She is a sweet little filly. Just a handicap filly. The handicapper has been way too hard on her from the beginning. She gives everything all the time, but I don’t think she will win a big handicap as she is too high in the handicap. She struggles to win as I struggle to find the right race for her.
Frida La Blonde
Wootton Bassett
3 bay c Wootton Bassett - Frida La Blonde
Already competitive at Group 3 level at two, he won the Group 3 Prix Texanita over six furlongs in impressive style on his seasonal reappearance.
He took a long time to come out of the winter, so lockdown was very good for him. It gave me the time I needed to get him well. We decided with Pierre-Charles that is was worth trying him over the shorter trip and that was the right decision because he has so much speed. He is very strong. So obviously we were delighted with his win and he came out really well. And now I am crossing my fingers that the Commonwealth Cup is on and that we will be able to go there, because that is his target now. Hopefully, we can come to Royal Ascot and that he can be competitive.
World Peace
3 bay f Camelot - Wolkenburg
A winner on her debut in May this year at Angers.
I didn’t expect her to win first time out. I don’t think she has the class to mix with the best, but she won and now we shall be opportunistic with her and hence I will enter her in a few Stakes races in June. She is a filly that will stay 1 ½ m. I will enter her in the Prix Cleopatre, maybe the Prix Royaumont and a Listed at Toulouse. I’m going to give her every chance. She could well improve with time.
American Apples
Outpaced last time out, she nevertheless quickened well and can do better over a longer trip.
Bois D'argent
Showed plenty of ability when winning against more experienced horses on his first start and should step up in class without any problems.
Will be extremely well placed in the handicaps and being gelded could make all the difference. One to follow.
Much improved filly and one to follow when she is dropped back in trip.
A very forward colt with lots of speed who must be able to do well should he be able to come to England to run in the Commonwealth Cup.
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