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  1. 19:13 - Belmont Park, 1m 110y
  2. 19:27 - Woodbine, 1m
  3. 19:28 - Gulfstream, 6f
  4. 19:36 - Keeneland, 6f
  5. 19:43 - Belmont Park, 1m 110y
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  1. 19:04 - Keeneland, 6f
  2. 18:57 - Woodbine, 5f 110y
  3. 18:55 - Enghien, 1m 2f 151y
  4. 18:53 - Gulfstream, 1m 110y
  5. 18:41 - Belmont Park, 7f
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  2. 13:50 - 3m 149y (14 ran)
  3. 14:25 - 3m 210y (7 ran)
  4. 15:00 - 2m 3f 200y (8 ran)
  5. 15:35 - 2m 4f (12 ran)
  6. 16:10 - 2m 4f (7 ran)
  7. 16:45 - 3m 210y (7 ran)
  8. 17:20 - 2m 209y (18 ran)
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  2. 13:00 - 1m 7f 50y (7 ran)
  3. 13:35 - 2m 4f 35y (5 ran)
  4. 14:10 - 2m 5f 82y (4 ran)
  5. 14:45 - 3m 2f 162y (6 ran)
  6. 15:20 - 2m 5f 82y (11 ran)
  7. 15:55 - 1m 7f 50y (8 ran)
  8. 16:30 - 1m 7f 50y (7 ran)
Galway (IRE)
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  2. 13:10 - 2m 11y (10 ran)
  3. 13:42 - 2m 6f 111y (11 ran)
  4. 14:17 - 2m 6f 111y (8 ran)
  5. 14:52 - 2m 6f 111y (13 ran)
  6. 15:27 - 2m 4f 156y (4 ran)
  7. 16:02 - 2m 5f 100y (13 ran)
  8. 16:37 - 2m 11y (8 ran)
  9. 17:10 - 2m 11y (13 ran)
Wexford (IRE)
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  2. 13:25 - 2m 4f 150y (13 ran)
  3. 14:00 - 2m 4f 150y (7 ran)
  4. 14:35 - 2m (14 ran)
  5. 15:10 - 2m 4f 150y (14 ran)
  6. 15:45 - 2m 4f (6 ran)
  7. 16:20 - 2m 4f (11 ran)
  8. 16:55 - 2m (11 ran)
Busan (South Korea)
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  2. 04:10 - 4f 214y (10 ran)
  3. 05:30 - 7f 210y (11 ran)
  4. 06:25 - 5f 212y (11 ran)
  5. 07:25 - 6f 211y (12 ran)
  6. 08:30 - 1m 209y (10 ran)
  7. 09:30 - 7f 210y (12 ran)
Enghien (France)
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  2. 15:07 - 1m 2f 151y (11 ran)
  3. 15:42 - 1m 2f 151y (13 ran)
  4. 16:17 - 1m 2f 151y (9 ran)
  5. 16:52 - 1m 2f 151y (11 ran)
  6. 17:25 - 1m 6f 64y (16 ran)
  7. 17:55 - 1m 3f 40y (14 ran)
  8. 18:25 - 1m 2f 151y (15 ran)
  9. 18:55 - 1m 2f 151y (12 ran)
Greyville (RSA)
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  2. 11:40 - 6f 211y (12 ran)
  3. 12:15 - 6f 211y (11 ran)
  4. 12:50 - 5f 212y (7 ran)
  5. 13:25 - 5f 212y (7 ran)
  6. 14:00 - 4f 214y (7 ran)
  7. 14:35 - 1m 209y (10 ran)
  8. 15:10 - 1m 99y (12 ran)
  9. 15:45 - 7f 210y (12 ran)
ParisLongchamp (France)
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  2. 12:23 - 1m 1f 43y (7 ran)
  3. 12:58 - 1m 1f 43y (6 ran)
  4. 13:33 - 1m 2f 205y (10 ran)
  5. 14:15 - 1m 2f 205y (16 ran)
  6. 14:50 - 1m 7f 90y (12 ran)
  7. 15:25 - 6f 211y (11 ran)
  8. 16:00 - 1m 2f 205y (10 ran)
  9. 16:35 - 7f 209y (14 ran)
  10. 17:10 - 7f 209y (13 ran)
Salon-De-Provence (France)
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  2. 10:35 - 1m 3f 40y (16 ran)
  3. 11:05 - 1m 3f 40y (12 ran)
  4. 11:35 - 1m 3f 40y (14 ran)
  5. 12:05 - 1m 3f 40y (9 ran)
  6. 12:40 - 1m 6f 200y (18 ran)
  7. 13:15 - 1m 6f 200y (10 ran)
  8. 13:50 - 1m 3f 40y (11 ran)
  9. 14:32 - 1m 3f 40y (13 ran)
Seoul (South Korea)
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  2. 02:45 - 4f 214y (12 ran)
  3. 03:10 - 5f 212y (12 ran)
  4. 03:40 - 5f 212y (12 ran)
  5. 04:50 - 6f 211y (12 ran)
  6. 06:00 - 6f 211y (12 ran)
  7. 06:55 - 5f 212y (12 ran)
  8. 07:55 - 5f 212y (12 ran)
  9. 09:00 - 1m 1f 208y (15 ran)
  10. 10:00 - 1m 209y (12 ran)
Sha Tin (Hong Kong)
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  2. 06:00 - 5f (14 ran)
  3. 06:30 - 6f (12 ran)
  4. 07:00 - 7f (14 ran)
  5. 07:30 - 7f (14 ran)
  6. 08:00 - 1m (14 ran)
  7. 08:35 - 1m (12 ran)
  8. 09:05 - 7f (14 ran)
  9. 09:35 - 6f (12 ran)
  10. 10:10 - 6f (12 ran)
  11. 10:45 - 7f (13 ran)
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Belmont Park (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (17:35) - 1m 110y (8 ran)
  3. R2 (18:09) - 6f 110y (6 ran)
  4. R3 (18:41) - 7f (9 ran)
  5. R4 (19:13) - 1m 110y (5 run)
  6. R5 (19:43) - 1m 110y (9 run)
  7. R6 (20:15) - 1m 110y (12 run)
  8. R7 (20:47) - 6f (7 run)
  9. R8 (21:21) - 1m 110y (9 run)
  10. R9 (21:52) - 1m 4f (5 run)
  11. R10 (22:23) - 6f (11 run)
Golden Gate Fields (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (21:15) - 1m (6 run)
  3. R2 (21:45) - 1m (6 run)
  4. R3 (22:20) - 1m (4 run)
  5. R4 (22:51) - 5f 110y (8 run)
  6. R5 (23:21) - 5f (8 run)
  7. R6 (23:52) - 1m 110y (7 run)
  8. R7 (00:25) - 5f 110y (9 run)
  9. R8 (00:55) - 1m 110y (6 run)
  10. R9 (01:27) - 5f 110y (7 run)
Gulfstream (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (17:50) - 1m 1f (6 ran)
  3. R2 (18:22) - 6f (5 ran)
  4. R3 (18:53) - 1m 110y (6 ran)
  5. R4 (19:28) - 6f (7 run)
  6. R5 (19:59) - 5f 110y (12 run)
  7. R6 (20:30) - 1m 110y (6 run)
  8. R7 (21:02) - 7f (6 run)
  9. R8 (21:34) - 1m 70y (9 run)
  10. R9 (22:06) - 1m (8 run)
Hawthorne (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (21:10) - 5f 110y (7 run)
  3. R2 (21:38) - 5f 110y (8 run)
  4. R3 (22:06) - 1m (7 run)
  5. R4 (22:34) - 6f (7 run)
  6. R5 (23:02) - 1m 110y (6 run)
  7. R6 (23:30) - 6f (7 run)
  8. R7 (23:58) - 6f (9 run)
  9. R8 (00:26) - 1m 110y (7 run)
Keeneland (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (18:00) - 6f (5 ran)
  3. R2 (18:32) - 5f 110y (11 ran)
  4. R3 (19:04) - 6f (10 ran)
  5. R4 (19:36) - 6f (8 run)
  6. R5 (20:08) - 5f 110y (7 run)
  7. R6 (20:40) - 1m 110y (6 run)
  8. R7 (21:12) - 1m 4f (10 run)
  9. R8 (21:44) - 1m 110y (6 run)
  10. R9 (22:16) - 1m (12 run)
Mountaineer (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (00:00) - 6f (7 run)
  3. R2 (00:25) - 1m (7 run)
  4. R3 (00:50) - 5f 110y (6 run)
  5. R4 (01:15) - 5f (8 run)
  6. R5 (01:40) - 1m 110y (8 run)
  7. R6 (02:05) - 6f (8 run)
  8. R7 (02:30) - 5f 110y (6 run)
  9. R8 (02:55) - 6f (9 run)
Santa Anita (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (21:00) - 6f (7 run)
  3. R2 (21:30) - 6f (6 run)
  4. R3 (22:01) - 1m (5 run)
  5. R4 (22:35) - 6f (8 run)
  6. R5 (23:06) - 6f (6 run)
  7. R6 (23:37) - 6f (7 run)
  8. R7 (00:08) - 1m (6 run)
  9. R8 (00:40) - 6f (5 run)
  10. R9 (01:12) - 6f (11 run)
Woodbine (USA)
  1. ALL - View all races at this meeting
  2. R1 (17:55) - 1m 110y (7 ran)
  3. R2 (18:26) - 5f 110y (9 ran)
  4. R3 (18:57) - 5f 110y (8 ran)
  5. R4 (19:27) - 1m (13 run)
  6. R5 (20:02) - 7f (12 run)
  7. R6 (20:32) - 1m 110y (7 run)
  8. R7 (21:04) - 6f (9 run)
  9. R8 (21:37) - 6f 110y (9 run)
  10. R9 (22:09) - 5f (8 run)
  11. R10 (22:44) - 7f (13 run)

James Tate Stable Tour
17 Mar 2020

If any proof was needed that James Tate is one of our fast emerging Flat trainers it was given in spades in 2019 when the Newmarket trainer notched up 72 winner and picked up £926,098 of prize money on the home front. 

The standard bearer was Invincible Army who took the Group 2 Duke of York Stakes and the Listed Cammidge Trophy but Under The Star certainly made her presence felt with victory in the Group 3 Princess Margaret Stakes at Ascot and landed a huge pot in a Sales race at Newmarket afterwards.

Hey Gaman gave the Jamesfield Place trainer further Group success in the Prix du Palais-Royal at Longchamp and Sameem was another to earn his corn at a higher level when taking the Listed Glasgow Stakes at Hamilton in July.

James said: “Last year was a career best in every way- prize money, winners and Group races. The thing about a good season is that you have to do better the next year and we have been assembling the squad and working hard on them through the Winter. Hopefully, through this Summer they will pay us back dividends.”

With the turf season almost upon us, James spoke to Tony Elves of ATR about several of those he hopes can make names for themselves in through 2020.

Older Horses
Hey Gaman
New Approach
6 dk c New Approach - Arsaadi
Winner of two of his 9 starts and currently rated 104. Gained his last success when beating King Malpic a length in a Group 3 at Longchamp (7f) in May of last year.
He is now five-year-old and I don’t think he’s lost any of his talent and if anything is better than ever. He has just started working and we will have a similar start off to last year. We will enter him for the Group 2 at Sandown at the end of April and then the very next day is the seven furlong Listed which he won at Leicester. His best trip is seven or a mile around a bend and we are looking forward to another fun season with him. The thing that changed with him last season was that he changed to being a soft ground horse to being not a soft ground horse.
New Graduate
New Approach
6 ch h New Approach - Srda
Winner of two of his 7 starts and currently rated 105. Scored by five lengths from Kaeso in his reappearance in a handicap at Ripon (1m) in April last year off a mark of 90.
He is now a stable favourite and has won us a couple and was second in a Windsor listed. Unfortunately he has a fracture mid-race at Vichy last July. He had to have that repaired in the South of Paris but the good news is that he has come out of that really well. He is in full training and just about to start galloping and we hope he will be in action April time.
Split Trois
5 bay g Kingman - Split Trois
Winner of one of his four starts and currently rated 83. Off the mark in a handicap at Lingfield (6f) in April of last year when beating Be Like Me a length off a mark of 78 when trained by Sir Michael Stoute.
He is a horse we bought at the Horses-In-Training Sale last year after being with Sir Michael Stoute. He had issues and hadn’t run for a long time and he is looking well compared to then but won’t know until we run how we have got on with him but I like what I have seen so far. Hopefully, he can pay his way in handicaps and starts off on a mark of 83. He is likely to have his first run  on March 25 at Kempton and he will start off over six furlongs. He is a very strong and speeding looking horse and I would have thought he would make a Sprinter.
Far Above
5 b c Farhh - Dorraar
Winner of three of his 4 starts and currently rated 99. Ended his first season with a short neck victory from Duhail in a listed race at Deauville (6f) last July.
You could say he is the horse we are most excited about this year on what he showed us at home. He is a very very fast horse and I would like to think we would be campaigning him at the highest level over five furlongs this year. The first target will be the Temple Stakes at Haydock at the end of May and there is a possibility we could take in a little race between now and then. He has won on good to firm and on heavy and I would say he probably prefer the softer ground. We will be thinking about all those races like the King’s Stand and he improved so much from two to three and it looks like he has done the same from three to four. I am very excited about him.
Ahla Wasahl
New Approach
5 b g New Approach - Ahla Wasahl
Winner of four of his 13 starts and currently rated 95. Gained his last success in the Listed Glasgow Stakes at Hamilton (1m 3f) in July when scoring by three lengths from Persian Moon.
He’s a lovely horse and a game front runner. He won three time last year including the Listed Glasgow Stakes and I think a mile and a quarter is probably his best trip. A mile and a half just tests him slightly and the Glasgow was over a mile and three. He has been gelded over the winter as he used to lose his head a little bit on the big days at the big meetings. He used to prefer a mid-week meeting with a smaller crowd. He is a tall rangy horse and hopefully he has improved from three to four and will win some nice Saturday races.
Shimmering Dawn
Subtle Shimmer
5 b m Morpheus - Subtle Shimmer
Winner of three of her 9 starts and currently rated 91. Won her first three starts last season culminating in a length success from Furious at Chelmsford (6f) in June off a mark of 84.
She is a huge big filly and is close to 17 hands. It wasn’t a surprise that she improved from a rating of 73 to 91. The aim with her is black type and we will start her off in an ordinary race in April and then there are two six furlong fillies listed in May, one at Nottingham and the other at Haydock, so I would have thought something like that will be her target.
Top Rank
Countess Ferrama
Dark Angel
5 gr h Dark Angel - Countess Ferrama
Winner of his three starts to date and currently rated 91. Gained his latest success in a handicap at Newmarket (1m) in September when beating Sash two and three quarter lengths off a mark of 83.
He is unbeaten three from three and going really well. He is galloping now and going really well and has an entry in the Lincoln. I don’t know if he is going to get in the Lincoln and I also have him in the Irish Lincoln. At this stage we don’t really know where we are going to set him. First time out I might not run him on really heavy anywhere and we will see how his next couple of pieces of work are and see what opportunities there are for us and go from there. I would like to think he is a pattern horse and he won’t be in handicaps for long.
Wise Words
5 b m Sepoy - Akhmatova
Winner of three of her 9 starts and currently rated 94. Ended her first season with a neck defeat of Corinthia Knight in a conditions event at Leicester (5f) in September.
She is a filly I hope might improve this year. She was very lazy as a two-year-old and progressed all last year and won three. She came all the way through the ranks to win off a mark of 68 and ended the season on 94. Physically she is a very big heavy bull like filly and I think she will improve from three to four. The plan is to look for black type so I will target the listed five furlong fillies race at Bath in April to start with.
Claudius Secundus
Tasha's Dream
Holy Roman Emperor
4 br c Holy Roman Emperor - Tasha's Dream
Runner-up in both of his starts – beaten a length by Irish Acclaim at Kempton (7f) in February and two and three quarter lengths by Luncies at Lingfield (1m) on Friday.
I’m beginning to regret his name as he has been second in two starts and just appeared to meet a nice one of Simon Crisford at Lingfield on Friday. I am sure he will win races.
Court Of Appeal
Golden Horn
4 b c Golden Horn - Gwael
No wins from 2 starts. Finished fourth, beaten six lengths, to Tsar in a novice event at Newcastle (1m) in October when last seen out.  
He is from a family we know as it's the old Cloud Castle/ Needle Gun/Luso family of Saeed’s. They all improve with age and he showed us a lot last year but only a little bit of promise in two starts. We are hopeful he can leave that behind during the year and really progress. A son of Golden Horn we will probably give him his third run over a mile and go up in trip through the year.
Dream Shot
Miss Buckshot
Dream Ahead
4 bay c Dream Ahead - Miss Buckshot
Winner of two of his 9 starts and currently rated 104. Finished seventh, beaten four and a half lengths, to Four Wheel Drive in the Grade 2 Breeders Cup Juvenile Sprint at Santa Anita (5f) in November when last seen out.
He was a cheap buy at £12,000 and when we breezed him we couldn’t event get £10,000 for him so he was amazing last year. On the one hand he doesn’t owe us anything but on the other he does seem to have progressed from two to three physically. He is not a small horse and he has muscled up well and is going well. We are excited and hope he is going to make up into a very nice three-year-old Sprinter. His work will dictated where we go and it could be a five furlong conditions race at Nottingham at the beginning of April as probably a prep for the Group 3 Pavilion Stakes at Ascot at the end of April. There is also a Group 3 over five and a half furlongs at Chantilly in the middle of April.  
High Accolade
4 gr c Outstrip - Honeymead
Winner of his only start at Newcastle (7f) in October when beating Saint of Katowice half a length.  
He is very much a shell of a horse. He was very tall, weak and backward looking two-year-old but had been showing us a bit at home so it wasn’t a surprise that he won first time up at Newcastle. He falls into the “could anything” category but at the same time I wouldn’t be rushing him towards a Guineas or anything like that. I think he will progress through the year and he is pretty sure to stay a mile too.
Magical Journey
Night Of Thunder
4 ch f Night Of Thunder - Aljaazya
Winner of one of her two starts and currently rated 94. Made a winning debut in a novice event at Beverley (5f) in September when beating Reassure a length and a quarter and runner-up, beaten three quarters of a length, to Mild Illusion in a listed fillies at Newmarket (6f) in November.
She is a filly I have a lot of time for – she is not actually the biggest but she did well to overcome a bad draw and a troubled passage on her debut at Beverley and then I thought she was a very unlucky second in the Bosra Sham listed stakes at Newmarket. Her challenge just got delayed longer than PJ (McDonald) wanted it to and when she did come with her challenge I still thought she was going to win but the winner just crossed over her and she had to check her run and go again. She is unlucky not to be unbeaten and is useful and the big question is what  is her best trip going to be? She does show a lot of speed at home but she is bred to stay a mile. I will pitch her in a novice race shortly and then we have the decision to make whether we go for a seven furlong Guineas trial or whether we go for the six furlong listed fillies at Chelmsford at the end of April.  
Beyond Our Reach
More Than Ready
4 b f More Than Ready - Beyond Our Reach
Winner of one of her 4 starts and currently rated 88. Off the mark with a neck success from Nina Bailarina in a novice event at Newbury (6f) in July.  
She is a lovely More Than Ready filly who was always tall and rangy last year and did well to do what she did which was to win a Newbury maiden and run well in some higher company. She is working nicely this year and is hopefully one that will progress.
School Of Thought
Lady Sylvia
Sir Percy
4 ch g Sir Percy - Lady Sylvia
No wins from two starts. Better effort when runner-up, beaten a length and a quarter, to Newbolt at Chelmsford (1m) in November.
He is by Sir Percy and was  little bit backward last year and showed us plenty of promise at home without looking the finished article. He ran very green on his debut and then was a nice enough second at Chelmsford next time out. I think he has come on during the Winter and I will give him his third run over a mile very soon and I think he will progress in middle distance races through the season.  
Sky Commander
Queen Of Skies
War Command
4 b c War Command - Queen Of Skies
Winner of one of his 2 starts. Off the mark on his second outing at Kempton (7f) in December when beating Katzoff seven lengths.
He falls into the “could be anything” catergory. We got him in the middle of last Summer and he was very green at Leicester then was lame afterwards and ,coming back from a break, he then was very impressive when winning by seven lengths at Kempton next time. He is working nicely at the moment so I suppose you are dreaming of him taking his chance in the Guineas. Before then he has to prove it so he will make his reappearance in a novice race and then we will have a crack at something higher – maybe that  listed Burradon Stakes at Newcastle or one of the traditional Guineas trials and see how he runs in those.
So Sharp
Bated Breath
4 b f Bated Breath - Theladyinquestion
Winner of one of her 4 starts and currently rated 86. Finished runner-up, beaten a length, to Masaakin in a novice event at Kempton (6f) in October.
She has been transferred to us from Archie Watson’s and was very impressive first time then never ran up to that mark afterwards. She has had a break and joined us through the Winter so we will start from scratch with her. It is our job to get her back to the promise she showed first time and she is working nicely on the gallops so we are hopeful she can do good this year.
Stately Home
Lady Spangles
4 g g Clodovil - Lady Spangles
Runner-up in both his starts over a mile at Lingfield failing by a head behind Made In Italy latest in January.  
He has finished second twice and was very green first time at Lingfield and was bucking most of the way and then next time out he was beaten a head and just couldn’t quite reel in the leader. I would like to think he was going to make a lovely mile and a quarter three-year-old this year.
Under The Stars
Jumeirah Palm Star
Night Of Thunder
4 b f Night Of Thunder - Jumeirah Palm Star
Winner of three of her 6 starts and currently rated 106. Rounded off a fine first season with a short head success from Mild Ilusion in a valuable Sales race at Newmarket (6f) in October.
She was a star last year really. I bought her for £6,000 and she won the Prince Margaret and the Sales race and was not disgraced in Group 1 and Group 2 company as well. She is not the biggest but she seems to have filled out through the Winter and seems in good form with herself. She will start of in one of the Fillies Trials at Newmarket or Newbury and then we will look at the Guineas after that and go for that.
Three Year Olds
Big Impression
3 b c Dubawi – Nashmiah
He is a great big Dubawi colt out of Saeed’s listed winning mare Nashmiah and he is a horse who is going to progress through the year. I would like to think that he is one to follow throughout the season.
Blazing Hot
3 c Hot Streak – Great
He is nearly ready to run and goes really well. He will want five or six furlongs and is definitely one to follow.
Night Approaching
3 b f New Approach – Cape Of Night
She is an unraced New Approach filly and she had a little setback a month ago otherwise she would have run by now. The bits of work I saw from her were above average and she would be a filly to follow. She is not short of speed but is bred to stay and seven or a mile would suit.
3 ch c Night Of Thunder – Doors To Manual
He is another homebred and a half brother to Safety Check who won four Group 2’s for Godolphin. He was doing some lovely pieces of work in January and February and just had a little setback. He probably won’t be out until April but I like what I saw and hopefully he will be one to follow.
Two Year Olds
2 b f Iffraaj – Rebecca De Winter
She is a half sister to Mrs Danvers. At the moment she is galloping on the grass and showing lots of speed so hopefully she can do something similar.
Final Voyage
2 b c Camacho – Shamayel
He was a bought at Goffs last year and is a well made good looking good moving son of Camacho who goes really well in the gallops at the moment. He would be right there up amongst our colts at the moment.  
2 b f The Last Lion – Countess Ferrama
This is a half sister to Top Rank and she is a big filly but she is going well. On the one hand The Last Lion was a champion two-year-old but on the other hand her dam was an Authorized mile and a half mare and Top Rank didn’t run until later on in his two-year-old career.
Risk Of Thunder
2 ch f Night Of Thunder – Lady Vyrnwy
I don’t think she is an out and out sprinter but she is showing up well on the gallops and hopefully a two-year-old to follow.
2 ch c Bobby’s Kitten – Amelia Ma
He goes nicely and hopefully be one-to-follow.
2 b c  Acclamation – Excelette
He is a full brother to Well Done Fox who did well for Richard Hannon last year and he is going really well and hopefully can do something similar.
2 ch f Helmet – Jubilant Queen
This is a filly from a family we know a little about as she is a half brother to Royal Residence who we had and was quite useful. This filly is showing up nicely in our gallops at the moment.
2 ch f Dutch Art – Infatuation
She looks very much a two-year-old and is showing plenty. Hopefully an early two-year-old to follow for the readers.
2 b c Dark Angel - Ambiguous
This is a huge big horse and I have a feeling he is going to be good this one. I don’t know how precocious he is going to be but he is a son of Dark Angel out of an unraced mare who was a sister to two Nunthorpe winners – Alpha Delphini and Tangerine Trees. Her first foal was a winner for Shadwell and I just thought I really liked the horse. He is quite babyish but I like what I have seen so far.
Far Above
looks the sort to improve further this season and well up to winning in Group race company over six furlongs.
Hey Gaman
comes to the fore early and another who can contribute to the Group race tally.
High Accolade
winner of his only start at Newcastle in October and sure to win more than his share of races.
gelded during the Winter and fancied to have some heady days over a mile and a quarter this season.
Top Rank
well named and his time in handicap company looks limited.
Under The Stars
tough filly who can find further success in top company this season.
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